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The Latinx Institute planning committee is committed to helping get as many LGBTQ Latinxs to the Union = Strength Latinx Institute as possible. Follow the links below for money-saving opportunities on your trip to the Latinx Institute.

The organizing committee of the Latinx Institute is committed to helping Latinxs LGBTQ reach Union = Strength. Follow the links below and take advantage of the opportunities to save money on your trip to the Latinx Institute.


  • Visit our Costs page to start budgeting for your trip to Dallas, TX.
  • Get in touch with a Regional Contact to learn more about the Latinx Institute.
  • Join Carpool and save money for your trip to Dallas, TX. 
  • Share Housing with other Union = Strength members and skip the hotel charges.

  • Visit the Expenses page and start raising funds for your trip to Dallas, TX.
  • Contact Recruiter in your region to talk  more  about the Latinx Institute.
  • Join a Transportation group in Dallas,TX and save money.   
  • Share Hosting with other members of Union = Strength and forget about hotel expenses.